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 Rules for Inactives

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Rules for Inactives Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Inactives   Rules for Inactives EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 9:21 pm

Ok so I figured I would make a post and Pokes can also add her input and tweak this around a bit but if she agrees these will be the new rules for inactives:

1.) if you go inactive for more than 2 weeks without notice (simply saying why you are not in game etc.) you will be moved down to private and set as inactive on our member roster here on the forums.

2.) if you are gone more than three weeks without notice you will be set as a cadet.

3.) if you are inactive for more than three weeks you will be kicked from the guild and we will send you a note explaining why we kicked you from the guild and making a reminder that you are welcome back if you decide to start playing again, although your old rank will be forfeit (we have to be fair to active members who contribute.)

So those are the rules and like I said Pokes can tweak them anyway she sees fit but I think this is more than fair.

I will also sticky this in Guild rules.
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Rules for Inactives
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